The Light

by Erik Kramer

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First single off of Erik Kramer's debut album "Missed the Boat", due out in early 2017.


Is this 3D, is this real life
Is this TV prototype my real wife
Please just tell me this before I go
Is love real now, merely illusion
Downtrodden with a case of confusion
Please just tell me this I got to know
The folded skies not asking why so who am I to
Billboards grazing the clouds I used to fly through
Telling me that I have no say
Spaceships burning, while I'm earning
This quick buck got the earth stuck mid turning
I hope theres gotta be a better way
Well I saw her walking past and I just had to have
So I pulled it out my hat like a rabbit eating carrots
I told her all my troubles of the day
She said funny your mouths a little runny
It's raining here on earth, but up in space its always sunny
Won't you come outside it's time to play

We've all had a few, times in our life
Bright moments of clarity, I, I've seen the light

I wish you knew the old school is the new
And somewhere out there's a better prototype of you
Be the only you that you know how
If new's the old then is the hot the new cold
When we're being bought and sold for a pot of fools gold
Don't hesitate when suspect raise your brow
It's easy, and it's getting easier
To listen to the lies that the media is feeding ya
Don't pay attention brush your shoulders now
I've seen the light in the middle of the night
I'd climb to the top, but I might take flight
Hold me down I might just float away

We've all had a few, times in our life
Bright moments of clarity, I, I've seen the light
And you will be what you want to see, it could take all your might
You will see what you want to be, when you've seen the light


released October 30, 2016
Song and lyrics written by: Erik Kramer
Bass and vocals: Erik Kramer
Guitar: Asher Kurtz
Drums: Angelo Spampinato
Keys: Chris Pegram
Backing Vox: Melina Harris
Mixing and mastering: Ruslan Pantaev



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Erik Kramer Brooklyn, New York

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